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Università di Padova - LASA

The Environmental Systems Analysis Laboratory (LASA) research team is part of the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padova (Italy).
LASA has carried out research on monitoring and modelling of water quality, diffuse pollution, ecology and environmental status of most kinds of aquatic ecosystems, including freshwater, saltwater and transitional water bodies, with a focus on human impacts. LASA comprises researchers and monitoring technicians with varied scientific backgrounds, such as physicists, chemists, biologists, and engineers. LASA is a scientific consultant for public institutions and private enterprises concerned with the quality of water bodies and with water resources management, and it continually collaborates with land reclamation consortia, regional/national environmental protection agencies and the local regional government. LASA has been involved in many international research projects mostly dealing with the functioning and sustainable management of wetlands, coastal zones or aquatic ecosystems: MAST 2, JEP TEMPUS, STD3, TMR – Wetland Ecology and Technology, EUROCAT (FP5), INCOFISH (FP6), ELME (FP6), KNOWSEAS (FP7), WSTORE2 (Life+).
Research activities at LASA over the past years include: monitoring and modelling of nutrient loads discharged to surface water bodies (e.g. Venice lagoon) and generated by natural and human processes in catchments; agricultural diffuse pollution of water bodies; matter, nutrient or pollutant cycling in water bodies; contaminant transport in rivers; monitoring and modelling of aquatic primary production - including macroalgae and aquatic plants - and eutrophication; designing, monitoring and modelling of reconstructed water treatment wetlands; monitoring river, lagoon and wetland waters; modelling aquatic ecosystems and their services (e.g. food web and fishery modelling); economic valuation of ecosystem services; ecotoxicological models of aquatic ecosystems (rivers, lagoons, seas); participated and integrated approaches to the management of water bodies; analysis of long term ecological time series; air quality and odour dispersion modelling.

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