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AttivaMente is a social enterprise founded in 2007 that operates mainly in the territory of eastern Veneto (Venice, Padua, Rovigo ).

The cooperative was founded with the aim of responding with professionalism and expertise to local needs, taking care of people. AttivaMente’s style is based on participation, active citizenship, reciprocity. The goal is the activation and the networking of the social and economic resources of the territories. The areas of intervention are:
• Educational: with educational planning and the training of operators and managers in informal organizations and structured organizations. Actions aimed at individuals, groups, youth groups, communities and territories;
• Assistance to the person: the design and coordination of services for people with sensory and cognitive disabilities;
• Intercultural: planning and coordination services to immigrants with programs of inclusive education and social work;
• Mental Health: design of personalized services and management of a Therapeutic Community, accommodation for people with mental disorder; planning for the progressive autonomy;
• Third age: design and development of social tourism initiatives and actions for the active life in the third and fourth age; home services with individualized projects of assistance;
• Social Responsibility and Local Development: analysis, design and support processes in adoption of social responsibility in institutions , organizations and businesses.

In many projects AttivaMente plays the role of activator of social resource and facilitator in the involvement of local civil networks. For the creation of welfare systems and services focused on the needs of the person, AttivaMente promotes co-projecting and networking of best practices. AttivaMente also worked in projects of comunication and dissemination: among the most significant experiences in which AttivaMente has participated we can mention "Happening solidarity 2009" (Palermo), "European Year of Volunteering 2011" (Venice), "Up! Sollevamento in corso 2011" (L'Aquila). Due to the established expertise in strategic planning, the University of Padua (Italy) has entrusted to AttivaMente an advisory role, for non didactic activities, in development of complex projects and fund raising.

Role in the project

AttivaMente will be involved in public awareness and dissemination of results activities.
Through dissemination activities AttivaMente will promote the contents and planning expressed in VIMINE. The target is the local network of stakeholders, scientific networks and socio-economic networks. Through dissemination activities AttivaMente will also enlarge the audience of beneficiaries and stakeholders interested in VIMINE’s actions.


Via Milite Ignoto 51
Taglio di Po (RO), 45019



Antonio Sambo
Senior staff/Dissemination and divulgation activities
+39 3317914494