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Agenda 21 consulting l.t.d. (A21IT) is a R&D and consultant organization established in 1998, located in Padova and Torcegno (Trento province), Northern Italy. It is made up by researchers and consultants with a sustainable development approach to environmental-territorial topics. A21IT deals with policies and participatory tools for sustainable development, territorial planning, collaborative approaches to decision making and management of environmental, tourism, energy, transport issues. A21IT’s experience include network collaborations with universities, research centers, local and regional authorities and stakeholders in Italy and Europe to facilitate local and sustainable inclusive development based on participatory decision making. Its research and consultancy services deal with: 1) decentralized cooperation, participatory development and management (ECST - European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, Local Agenda 21); 2) natural resources, protected areas, sustainable management, EIA, SEA, ecological footprint;3) sustainable cities and natural areas with focus on conservation and sustainable tourism, transport andenergy; 4) environmental communication, training and multimedia production; 5) EU project management.A21IT has experience in cooperation projects (transnational, inter-regional, RTD). It is scientific partner of the Interreg Central Europe project EnSURE on energy efficiency in urban quarters particularly for research and application of a novel participative approach. A21IT has an external expertise role in the Interreg IVAustria-Italy project Alpine – ECO – Companies and Building, aiming to improve the quality of sustainable building through qualification and certification, to strengthen the competitiveness of local SMEs. A21ITcarries out participation, communication and dissemination activities keeping alive the partners stakeholders network.

Role in the project

Associated beneficiary. The role of Agenda 21 consulting srl, in VIMINE project is of promotion and coordination the participatory activities, which represent the methodology of the project itself. The involvement of local stakeholders is essential for the success of the project. Stakeholders (inhabitants, fishermen, yachtsmen) will be involved through the administration of questionnaire, the participation in meetings about ECST actions, the fulfilment of the “Free Time Bank”.
Awareness meetings with yachtsmen about the speed and routes to hold with yachts, are organized, in order to minimize salt marshes erosion.


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Nicola Modica
Project manager
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Irene Cropanise
Project assistant
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