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SELC is a company founded in 1998 to bring strategically together the professional skills present in the individual members (biologists, naturalists, geologists, architects) capitalizing the previous ten years of experience and know-how. SELC employes a resource staff composed by 18 units (Management n. 4; Graduated technician employees n. 7; Qualified technician employee n. 1; Workmen n. 2; Qualified administrative employees n. 2; Consultants n. 2).

Up to now SELC has developed a comprehensive and growing range of operational and research in the environmental field, with specific attention to applied biology and geology, including the conduction of monitoring, surveys and studies on land, lagoon, river and sea, the implementation of measures of morphological requalification, environmental recovery, environmental engineering. The geographical area of activities, initially concentrated over the northern Adriatic coast, has been extended throughout the national territory, through the acquisition of important works and tenders in Sicily, Sardinia, Apulia, Campania, Lombardy, Tuscany and Liguria. Some collaboration of our experts have been conducted at international level (in France, Spain, Romania, Norway and countries outside Europe). SELC has important collaborations in the framework of the protection and safeguard of the City and Lagoon of Venice. Important and strong partnerships are developed with this entity as well as with other agencies and public and private institutions such as the Veneto Region, Venice City Council, Environmental Agencies, Italian National Research Council, etc.

New effort has been applied in the recent years in the field of environmental impact assessment and of evaluation of effects of plans and projects towards the state of conservation of sites related to European network Natura 2000 ("Habitats Directive").

The system of quality management of SELC is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. SELC is in possession of qualification to the execution of public works issued by ' Body CQOP ABP 27631/10/00 for categories OS20-B (including special performances of works Structural investigations and exploration of subsoil) V rankings and OG13 (works engineering) IV rankings and OG07 (marine works and dredging) II classification.

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