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Reclamation Consortium

The land Reclamation Consortium is a public body, managed by its members, which coordinates public interventions and private activities in the areas of water protection and irrigation.

The consortium members are all the owners of properties (land and premises), included in the land reclamation district, a part of the territory identifies by the Veneto Region.

The expenses for the maintenance, operation and guarding of reclamation works are supported by the consortium members and are distributed on the basis of the benefit derived from the works and land reclamation activities, in accordance with the criteria set out in the plan approved by the Veneto Region.
The Plan provides proper exercise of the power to tax.
Every five years, the taxpayers elect the Assembly of the Consortium which is composed of 30 properties of owners or land falling within the district, which elect the Board, the President, the Vice President
The Consortium coordinates public actions and private activities. This work needs a wide and qualified competence, which includes the safety guard and the valorization of the territory, the environmental protection, the hydraulic safety, the development of agriculture and the management of water.
The main functions of the Consortium are:
• Design, execute, maintain and manage the land reclamation works, which guarantee the hydraulic safety of the territory;
• Participate in the formation of territorial plans and urban planning, as well as programs aimed at protecting the environment against 'pollution;
• Contribute to the implementation of the activities of soil conservation, use and management of water resources and environmental protection.
• Contribute to public action for the protection of agricultural water set for irrigation and of water down flowing in the land reclamation network
• Prepare the General Land Reclamation and Rural Protection Plan (P.G.B.T.T.). P.G.B.T.T. is the regional planning instrument which sets the regulation concerning the measures for the selection and design of public land reclamation and irrigation works, as well as of other works, a for the protection and enhancement of rural areas, including the protection of water resources.

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