18/03/2014 - Prima visita da parte del team di monitoraggio europeo Torna alle news


When: Tuesday, 18th march 2014

Where: University of Padua, Department of Industrial Engineering

What: On Tuesday, the 18th of March 2013, in a meeting room of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Padua, it took place the first visit to the LIFE VIMINE project by the European monitoring team. Dr. Stefania Dall’Olio, representative of the Timesis Astrale Group, will follow the project along its whole duration and will advise project partners during the project implementation. Dr. Dall’Olio introduced herself to the partners and observed what has been done until now by the project beneficiaries.

Why: The visit is part of the routine monitoring visits foreseen by the European Community for LIFE projects to help beneficiaries in the realization of the project actions and motivate them to respect the budget and the timetable of each project action.

What: During the meeting, action by action, all the results obtained by the project were examined and a check on the compliance of the milestones foreseen during the early stages of the project was performed. Possible problems and delays were discussed and justified.
The LIFE VIMINE project is respecting the foreseen time schedule for these initial seven months of the project; only a slight delay occurred in the implementation of the field activities, also due to unusual meteorological conditions, a delay that will be fixed during the next months of the project.
The meeting gave the beneficiaries helpful clues and explanations about administrative issues and financial reporting. These information will be used in the next months to make the management of the EU funds assigned to LIFE VIMINE even more effective.
The next monitoring visit, still to be planned, will give the monitors the chance to visit the sites targeted by the project and verify its progress.

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